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hfs_synt is an auxiliary procedure to create a synthetic spectrum, with the option of adding Gaussian noise. You can select the transition, number of channels, spectral resolution, line parameters, and noise level.
It is a menu-driven program, and uses the PGplot Graphics Subroutine Library to display the synthetic spectrum. Example of a hfs_synt run:
$ hfs_synt
 HfS_synt. Synthesis of spectra with hyperfine structure
 Robert Estalella, 2016/03
 Date: 2017/05/09 Time: 13:00:25

 HfS synt menu_______________________________________
 0. Quit
 1. Select transition: NH3(1,1)
 2. Change nchan=               128
 3. Change dvchan=           0.5000
 4. Change refchan=         64.0000
 5. Change Delta_V=          1.0000
 6. Change V_lsr=            0.0000
 7. Change A*tau_m=          1.0000
 8. Change tau_m=            1.0000
 9. Change noise rms=        0.0000
 Choose option (0-8):