Unidentified EGRET sources

The Third EGRET Catalog contains a total of 271 high energy gamma-ray sources (E > 100 MeV). We show below the positions of these sources in galactic coordinates, where the galactic plane corresponds to the horizontal line.

There are 103 identified sources:
66 high confidence AGN
27 low confidence AGN
7 pulsars
1 detection from the Large Magellanic Cloud
1 Solar Flare
1 the radiogalaxy Centaurus A
Among the remaining 168 unidentified sources, 72 of them have |b|<10º and are probably galactic sources. We are involved in a multiwavelength campaign to try to identify some of the most variable sources in this sample.

Design by Marc Ribó & Josep M. Paredes
Last updated: 2003 March 21