Who is Raimon?

Raimon is one of the most prominent singers of ''La Nova Cançó'', a group of musicians from Catalonia, València, and Mallorca who brought a renaissance in Catalan music at a time of political oppression under Franco's regime. The movement was one of the important ways in which the Catalan people recovered their awareness as a nation with the right of reconstructing its culture and the normal use of its language after centuries of repression by the Spanish government.

Raimon is from the town of Xàtiva, south of València.

Here are my own translations of some of his songs:

  • Quan jo vaig nàixer (When I was born)
  • Diguem no (Let us say no)
  • Andreu, amic (Andreu, my friend)
  • Inici de càntic en el temple (Start of song in the temple, a poem by Salvador Espriu)
  • Elogi dels Diners (Praise of money, a poem by the XVth century Catalan writer Anselm Turmeda, which is still very much to the point today)
  • A Joan Miró (To Joan Miró)
  • Som (We Are)
  • Al vent (To the wind, the first song)

    Information on an edition of his songs, Nova Integral Edició 2000