Elogi dels diners


Praise of money


Raimon, Anselm Turmeda

Translated by Jordi Miralda Escudé

Diners de tort fan veritat,
e de jutge fan advocat,
savi fan tornar l'hom orat,
pus que d'ells haja.
Of what is wrong money makes truth,
and of a judge it makes a lawyer,
clever it makes the man who's mad,
the cleverer, the more he has.

Diners fan bé, diners fan mal,
diners fan l'home infernal,
e fan-lo sant celestial,
segons qui els usa.
Money does right, money does wrong,
money turns men into evil,
and makes them heavenly saints,
it depends who uses it.

Diners fan bregues e remors
e vituperis e honors,
e fan cantar preïcadors
``Beati Quorum''.
Money brings about fights and rumors
and insults and honors,
and it makes the preachers sing,
``Beati Quorum''.

Diners alegren los infants,
e fan cantar los capellans,
e los frares carmelitans,
a les grans festes.
Money makes the children merry,
money makes the pastors sing,
and the carmelitan priests as well,
in the big parties.

Diners magres fan tornar gords,
e tornen lledesmes los bords.
Si diràs jas a hòmens sords,
tantost se giren.
Money makes the lean turn fat,
it makes the unworthy become good.
No sooner you'll call on deaf men,
they'll turn around.

Diners tornen los malalts sans;
moros, jueus e crestians,
lleixant a Déu e tots los sants,
diners adoren.
Money makes the sick be healthy;
muslims, jews, and christians alike,
leaving aside God and the saints,
worship to money.

Diners fan vui al món lo joc,
e fan honor a molt badoc;
a qui diu no fan-li dir hoc,
vejats miracle!
Money talks today in the world,
it honors many with little wisdom;
whoever says no, they'll make him say yes,
what a miracle!

Diners doncs vulles aplegar.
Si els pots haver no els lleixs anar;
si molts n'hauràs poràs tornar
Papa de Roma.
So, try to gather plenty of money.
If you can grab it, don't let it go;
if you have lots, you may become
the Pope of Rome.

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