Jordi's page on Catalunya


News in Catalan on the web: Vilaweb

Catalan singers of La Nova Cançó: my page on Raimon , and the page on Ovidi Montllor with links to other Catalan singers.

Catalan poetry

Generalitat de Catalunya , the page of Catalonia's present government.
This government is not a soverreign one, it is only authorized by the Spanish government to administer certain governmental functions in Catalonia as an autonomous community of common rule.

The last truly soverreign government of Catalonia was derogated and eliminated by King Felipe V, the direct ancestor of the present king Juan Carlos I, by the use of military force and against the will of the Catalan people, at the end of the war of succession and the surrender of the city of Barcelona on September 11, 1714.

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya , the page of the political party that supports the ideology of Catalonia's independence to obtain votes for Catalonia's Parliament and govern Catalonia as a Spanish autonomous community.

Reagrupament Independentista , the page of the political association that has been created to support the unilateral declaration of Catalonia's independence from our democratically elected Parliament.