Astronomy sites that I find interesting

Do you want to learn on the Local Interstellar Medium ,
or what kind of stuff there is around the Solar System,
in the neighborhood where we happen to live in our Galaxy the Milky Way?

The latest news on Planets around other stars

The best Art drawing of the Milky Way
seen from Intergalactic Space

Solar System:
The Planetary Society

The really cool web page of Max Tegmark ,
especially his CMB movies.

History of astronomy: The Galileo Project

List of preprints in astro-ph that contain useful reviews and I want to have handy, ordered by subject.

Edmund Bertschinger: Cosmological Perturbation Theory and Structure Formation

Penton, S. V., Stocke, J. T., & Shull, J. M. : The Local Lyman Alpha Forest III: Relationship between Lyman alpha absorbers and Galaxies, Voids, and Superclusters.

Slyz, A., Devriendt, J., Silk, J., Burkert, A. : Forming stars on a viscous timescale: the key to exponential stellar profiles in disk galaxies?
Zepf, S. E. : Formation scenarios for globular clusters and their host galaxies.
Zepf, S. E. : Properties of the outer halos of galaxies from the study of globular clusters.

Trager, Faber, Dressler: The Formation Timescales of Giant Spheroids

J. E. Pringle, R. J. Allen, S. H. Lubow 2001 The Formation of Molecular Clouds
S. Redfield, J. L. Linsky 2001: Microstructure of the Local Interstellar Cloud and the Identification of the Hyades Cloud
J. D. Slavin, P. C. Frisch 2001: The Ionization of Nearby Interstellar Gas

N. J. Evans II, J. M. C. Rawlings, Y. L. Shirley, L. G. Mundy 2001 Tracing the Mass during Low-Mass Star Formation. II. Modelling the Submillimeter Emission from Pre-Protostellar Cores.
A. Burkert 2001 Star Formation in Turbulent Moelcular Clouds.