Astronomy 870: STELLAR SYSTEMS

Spring 2004

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J. Binney & S. Tremaine, Galactic Dynamics (Princeton University Press, 1987).

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For each chapter I will list the sections you should read, as well as any other assigned readings from other books or papers. Please complete the reading by the date indicated. I will write these dates as the course proceeds, allowing flexibility for the pace of the course. The most important thing is that we cover the material sufficiently well so that everybody understands it; we can slow down if we must even if that means that we will not have covered every topic by the end of the course. I will also list the problems in the book that seem most useful, which you should read and think about how to solve them. These problems are not required homework, although we may discuss them in class. You are encouraged to ask questions about these problems whenever you realise that you don't know how to solve them. The required homework problems will be posted separately below.

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