Jordi Miralda-Escudé

I was born in the city of Terrassa (Catalonia) in 1964. I went to Escola Pia de Terrassa from my childhood to the end of high school, where I had the good fortune of having several good teachers who guided me for my interests in physics and astronomy.

I went to the Autonomous University of Barcelona (other than its name, this university does not have any special "autonomy"), where I obtained a degree in Physics. More important than the degree, I acquired a strong background in physics and mathematics from a number of excellent professors. I learned astronomy on my own and through my membership in amateur astronomical societies, where I learned the sky and the way optical telescopes work. I received the important good advice, from some of my professors and from people I met at CERN during a summer student program, that being admitted and financially supported for graduate studies in the USA was actually not all that difficult if I set my mind to do it.

So, I applied to the universities that seemed to have a good program in astrophysics and cosmology, and in 1987 I went to Princeton University, where I completed my PhD in 1991. I had a postdoc position in Cambridge University until 1993, and then I moved to the Institute for Advanced Study for my second postdoc. In 1996, I went to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania with a faculty position, and in 2000 I moved to the Department of Astronomy at The Ohio State University , where I became tenured Associate Professor in 2003.

In 2005, I decided to move back to my native country with a position of the Institució Catalana per a la Recerca i Estudis Avançats , at the host institution Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya / CSIC , located at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In 2009 I changed my host institution to the Institut de Ciències del Cosmos at the University of Barcelona, where I continue to work on my research.