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Near Real-Time images from the LASCO C3 
coronagraph on board the SOHO spacecraft

Near Real-Time images at 304 A from the
EIT instrument on board the SOHO spacecraft

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SOHO is a project of international co-operation between ESA and NASA

Research Topics

  Solar Energetic Particle Events and Associated Shocks in the Interplanetary Medium

  Space Weather: An Engineering Model for Solar Energetic Particles in Interplanetary Space.

  MHD simulations of interplanetary CME-driven shocks (from the Sun to the Earth's orbit)

  Near relativistic electron events. Monte Carlo simulations of solar injection and interplanetary transport

  COST ES0803 Action: "Developing space weather products and services in Europe"

  International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Project: "From the Sun to the terrestrial surface: understanding the chain"

  Solar Irradiance and its Variations

Ongoing Projects

  • IPRAM: Interplanetary and Planetary Radiation Model for Human Spaceflight Funded by ESA/ESTEC
  • Data Services and Analysis Tools for Solar Energetic Particle Events and Related Electromagnetic Emissions (SEPServer)
  • Protecting space assets from high energy particles by developing European dynamic modelling and forecasting capabilities (SPACECAST)
  • ESA Solar Energetic Particle Environment Modelling (SEPEM) Project





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