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The moon

Composite image of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
E. Masana

IMG 2409b.jpg
Full Moon from Barcelona,
14 /11/2016
E. Masana

IMG 2421b.jpg
Full Moon from Barcelona,,
14 /11/2016
E. Masana



Jupiter, Venus and the Moon from Collserola. 19th June 2015.

Image: E. Masana

Auroras Borealis

Aurores 3.jpg Aurores 6.jpg Aurores 13.jpg Aurores 15.jpg
Aurores 10.jpg Aurores 9.jpg Aurores 14.jpg

Northern lights from Sweden
Images: E. Masana, C. Jordi

groe1 eherrero.jpg groe2 eherrero.jpg groe3 eherrero.jpg groe4 eherrero.jpg

Auroras borealis in Qaleralit (Greenland)

Fotos: Kike Herrero

Video: Lights from southern Greenland: This set of time lapses was obtained from the Qaleraliq camp and the Qassiarsuq village during the Shelios 2011 "Carla Mendoza" expedition to observe the phenomena of auroras. More than 4000 images were taken using a Canon 7D and a Canon 350 with a Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 lens.


circumpolar+dolmen pinyana lleida.jpg

Circumpolar in Pinyana (Lleida)

Photo: Kike Herrero


m8 (nebulosa de la llacuna) orea guadalajarapetita.jpg m42(nebulosa orio) aitonapetita.jpg nebulosa nordamerica pinyana lleidapetita.jpg

M8 (Laguna nebula)

Photo: Kike Herrero

M42 (Orión nebula)

Photo: Kike Herrero

NGC7000 (North merican nebula)

Photo: Kike Herrero

nebulosa omega Planes de Sonpetita2.jpg

M17 (Omega nebula)

Photo: Kike Herrero



M31(Andromeda galaxy)

Photo: Francesc Vilardell


m45 (Pleyades) pinyana lleidapetita.jpg

M45 (Pleiades star cluster)

Photo: Kike Herrero

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