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Astronomical agendas

Information about astronomical events for every year: the change of seasons, the times of sunrise and sunset, data about planetary positions and orbits, eclipses, meteor showers... All this information is ordered in tables which makes understanding and looking for particular data much easier.

  1. Astronomical Agenda 2019
  2. Astronomical agenda 2018
  3. Astronomical agenda 2017
  4. Astronomical agenda 2016
  5. Astronomical agenda 2015
  6. Astronomical agenda 2014
  7. Astronomical agenda 2013
  8. Astronomical agenda 2012
  9. Astronomical agenda 2011
  10. Astronomical agenda 2010
  11. Astronomical agenda 2009
  12. Astronomical agenda 2008
  13. Historical archives of astronomical agenda


Calculation tool which gives the Julian day and the Sidereal time simply introducing the date and the accurate geographical coordinates of the place.
The script makes possible to know the exact moments the Sunrises, Meridian crossing and Sunsets on a given date, and the exact position it occupies at each time, simply introducing the date and the geographical coordinates of the place.

Other resources

  1. The sky now (external link).The sky above Barcelona at this very moment...
  2. The Sun right now (external link). Image of the Sun where the solar spots can be seen.
  3. CivilTime . Civil time in the Iberian Peninsula: how to calculate and in force legislation on it.
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