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Available Exhibitions

The Quantum Physics and Astrophysics Department of the University of Barcelona and the Institute of Cosmos Sciences offers, with no cost, the exhibitions (in Catalan) listed bellow:



fettu patchCat.jpg
Exhibition "De la Terra a l'Univers"
Exhibition "Amb A d'AstrōnomA"
plafo0 vf72 200.jpg
Exhibition "Les distāncies cōsmiques"
Intro cor.jpg
Exhibition "Mil milions d'ulls per a mil milions d'estrelles"
TelescopiCatala Catala.jpg
Exhibition "Telescopi Assumpciķ Catalā"
expos ICCUB RGB.jpg
More exhibitions managed by ICCUB-FQA
DIPTICexpos 1.jpg DIPTICexpos 2.jpg fulletexpo Catala3 inc cont baixa.jpg
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