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Exhibition "Mil milions d'ulls per a mil milions d'estrelles"

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The exhibition "Mil milions d'ulls per a mil milions d'estrelles" is dedicated to the Gaia mission, designed and built by the European Space Agency to measure the positions, distances and movements of billions of stars.

The design of the content and the format of the exhibition have been made: L. Balaguer, J. M. Carrasco, C. Fabricius, F. Figueras, N. Garralda, C. Jordi, X. Luri, E. Masana, S. Olarte, S. Roca, M. Romero i J. Torra. All of them members of the Department of Astronomy and Meteorology of the University of Barcelona.

For hosting the exhibition you only have to take care of its transport and assembly.

Contact email: divulgacio [a]

Digital Exhibition

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Exhibition text

Technical Specifications


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