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Name Exo Worlds



The International Astronomical Union (IAU) offers each country the opportunity to name a planetary system, comprising an exoplanet and its host star. The star designated by each nation must be visible from its territory and bright enough to be observed through small telescopes.

The star HD 149143 has been asigned to Spain, a star very similar to our Sun that is in the constellation of Ophiuchus the planet is HD 149143 b, which has a minimum mass 1.33 times that of Jupiter and takes 4.1 days to complete an orbit around its star.

The national campaigns will be carried out from June to November 2019 and, after the final validation by the Steering Committee of IAU100 NameExoWorlds, the overall results will be announced in December 2019.

At this time, amateur associations and astronomical groups are asked for names. The following email address has been activated where the proposals can be sent:

  • * Deadline until July 25 * with the following format: * Proposed name star: * Proposed planet name: * Three lines justifying the proposal.

If you belong to an association propose a name by organization to facilitate the process. Ten names of those proposed will be selected and in September the process of how to open the ballot will be made public among the best names selected in this first phase.

The following rules apply specifically to the IAU100 project NameExoWorlds:

   1 The names proposed must be of things, people or places of great cultural, historical or geographical importance, worthy of being assigned to a celestial object.    1 Although not necessary, the names can be taken from topics related to heaven and astronomy, or related in some way to the constellation or cultural asterism in which the exoplanetary system is located.

   1 In recognition of the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages ​​2019 (IYIL2019), speakers of indigenous languages ​​are encouraged to propose names drawn from those languages.

   1 The two names should follow a common denomination theme. The naming topic that describes how names are related in some logical way should be summarized in a sentence or two, and should be broad enough so that additional names can be extracted from the literature to name additional objects in that exoplanetary system in the future (for example, additional planets what could be discovered, additional stellar partners). Example: Rivers of the country XYZ. Fictional lands in 19th century histories of XYZ country, etc. These are the names that were approved in the previous call and that have to be excluded necessarily.

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