Seminar: Accretion onto black holes: is the relativistic Fe K alpha line ubiquitous?

Speaker: Mª Dolores Caballero García 
(University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy)

Site: Seminari DAM, 7èna planta
Day: 28 de febrer de 2011
Hour: 12:00 hores

Abstract: In this talk I will give a review of accretion onto black holes in different mass scales (black hole binaries, active galactic nuclei and ultra-luminous X-ray sources). A relativistic Fe K alpha line is present in the spectra of the most relevant sources from each class, i.e. in the black hole binary GX 339-4, in the Seyfert-1 galaxy 1H0707-495 and in a sample of the best ULX data from XMM-Newton. I will discuss implications from these results in the framework of the different models available. Eventually, results from the bright ULX M82 X-1 (Caballero-Garcia, 2011, re-submitted) will be shown.



Monday, February 28, 2011