Seminar: Radiative models for jets in X-ray binaries

Speaker: Dr. Gabriela Vila

Affiliation: Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía (IAR - CONICET)


Place and Date: DAM seminar, Tuesday 18th, 16:30


An outstanding feature of astrophysical accreting sources at all scales in the Universe is the production of jets - collimated, bipolar, extended flows of matter and electromagnetic field ejected from the  surroundings of a rotating  object. Microquasars are X-ray binaries that produce relativistic jets. Jets in microquasars emit along the whole electromagnetic spectrum. The radiation is non-thermal; this reveals that jets accelerate particles up to relativistic energies. Understanding the origin of the emission is, then, one way to probe the interior of jets.

In this work we develop a lepto-hadronic model for the electromagnetic radiation from jets in microquasars with low-mass companion stars. We consider the interaction of relativistic particles with matter, radiation, and magnetic field, and obtain broadband spectral energy distributions. We investigate how the shape of the spectrum changes as the parameters that model the conditions in the jet are varied within the constraints imposed by theory and observations. We present general results, as well as applications to some specific systems. Motivated by the growing volume and quality of the data now becoming available at high and very high energies, we carefully analyse the predictions of the model in the gamma-ray band. The results will be directly tested in the near future with the present and forthcoming space-borne and terrestrial gamma-ray telescopes.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013