Instrumentation for high energy physics and astrophysics


In the HEAUB we are working on design and development of instrumentation and photodetector readout electronics:

  • ​​​Photodetector readout:​ Design of instrumentation based on low light level fast photodetectors: photomultiplier tubes, silicon photomultipliers (SiPM, MPPC, etc), avalanche photodiodes, etc. Experience on characterization and modelling. ​
  • Front end electronics: Development, production, test and commissioning of front end electronics for scientific experiments and observatories, particularly in the fields of astrophysics and high energy physics.  Based on commercial components, ASICs and programmable digital electronics (FPGA).
  • Low noise electronics: Low noise electronics for sensitive detector readout, particularly photosensors with low level illumination and silicon detectors.
  • Mixed mode ASIC design: Design of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for photo-detector readout and scientific instrumentation. From sensitive analog front end acquisition to digital back end processing.