Lectura de tesis: "Physics of the intergalactic medium, a study of the Power Spectum of the Lyman alpha forest and the metal content of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems"

  • Autor/Doctorando: Andreu Ariño i Prats
  • Día: 03 de febrero de 2015
  • Hora: 11:00
  • Sitio: Sala de grados “Eduard Fonserè”, Facultad de Física
  • Tribunal:​
    • Presidente: Dr. Jose Maria Solanes Majua
    • Secretario: Dr. Matteo Viel
    • Vocal: Dra. Nathalie Palanquc Delabrouille
    • Suplentes: Dr. Vicent Quilis Quilis, Dr.  Ecluard Salvador Solé
    • Directores/Tutores: Dr. Jordi Miralda Escude, Dr. Alberto Manrique Oliva (Tutor)
  • Resumen: 

    The intergalactic medium (IGM) accounts for all the matter that lies in between galaxies and its primordial state allows to obtain  both cosmological information and evolution of the structure of the universe. 

    The gas that populates the IGM can be studied by the means of the Lyman Alpha Forest (Lya) that is the signal left by the Hydrogen Lyman absorption on the spectra of the most distant quasars. 

    Firsts I will present the modeling of the linear and non linear part of the transmission flux power spectrum. The non linear part of the power spectrum is necessary to be modeled because it holds essential informa-tion of the structure of the non linear scales. Several hydrological simulations are used to constrain and predict how the non linear power spectrum changes. 

    Second I study the presence of metals on Damped Lya Systems (DLAs), which are large reservoirs of gas in the IGM, as measured in the BOSS project inside the SDSSIII survey which provides the spectra of tens of thousands of these systems. Through the study of the metal content of the DLAs for different populations it can be measured its bias depending on Metal Strength, a newly derived parameter, how they evolve with redshift and how the mean spectra changes.


Viernes, 16 Enero, 2015