Seminario DAM: Angular momentum evolution of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs: observations and models

Ponente: Dr. Jerome Bouvier,  (IPAG, Grenoble)

Fecha / hora:  03.06.2014, 12:00:00 

Sitio:  Seminario planta 7, Departamento de Astronomía y Meteorología, Facultad de Física


Resumen: I will review the latest results regarding measurements of rotation rates for solar-type stars, low-mass stars, and brown dwarfs in young open clusters and in the field. These results now provide a clear view of their rotational evolution from birth to maturity. I will show how current models attempt to account for the observations, and will highlight their successes and limitations. The insight we gain from the models on the physical mechanisms that govern angular momentum evolution during the PMS and early MS will be discussed. Finally, I will outline some of the major remaining open issues in the modeling of the rotational evolution of solar-type and lower mass stars.