Seminario ICCUB: Cosmic Reionization

A cargo de: Nick Gnedin (Fermi National Laboratory)  

Fecha/Hora: 15-03-2017/12:00:00

Sitio: seminario DAM (724)


Cosmic reionization - ionization of the bulk of cosmic gas by ultraviolet radiation from first galaxies and quasars - is the least explored epoch in cosmic history. While significant progress has been made recently with the HST Frontier Fields program, the major breakthrough is still in the future, but not a distant one. The launch of JWST in less that two years will start a revolution in studies of cosmic reionization, and other advanced observational probes will follow soon.

As observers are preparing for the flood of new data, theorists are also currently busy revamping their tools to stay on par with future observations. This fortunate match between theory and observations will lead to a major breakthrough in this last cosmic frontier - the primary focus of this talk.