"First Barcelona Techno Week: Course on semiconductor detectors"

Fecha: 11-15 /07/2016

Sitio:    ICCUB

Correo:    secretariaicc.ub.edu

Web:    http://icc.ub.edu/congress/TechnoWeek/


Barcelona Techno weeks will be a series of meeting point events between academia and industry. Organised around a technological topic of interest for both worlds. They will include comprehensive multidisciplinary keynote presentations by world experts on the selected subjects combined with networking activities to foster collaboration among participants.

This first edition includes a course on solid state radiation detection, from physics and electronics fundamentals to state-of-the-art reviews on radiation (X-ray, gamma-ray, charged particle) and visible light detection technologies and their applications. Lectures with extended coffee breaks and lunch, social events plus a dedicated poster and industrial presentation session are scheduled during five days.

The objectives of the course are:

To review the fundamentals of interaction of radiation with matter and the signal formation
To review semiconductor technology for integrated circuit readout electronics
Understand the different solid state radiation and photon detector technologies
Understand the detector pulse analogue processing and readout electronics
Review packaging and interconnect technologies
Review the use of radiation and photon detectors in practical applications
The event is aimed at researchers, postdocs, PhD students and industry professionals, working in related fields: particle detectors, astronomy, space, medical imaging, scientific instrumentation, elemental material analysis, neutron imaging, process monitoring and control, etc.