Seminario DAM: "Formation of disc galaxies in wet major mergers: The N-body view"

Conferenciante: Dra. Evangelie (Lia) Athanassoula (Aix-Marseille Universite (AMU)

Sito: Aula 507 “Pere Pascual” planta 5a – Facultad de Física

Fecha/ Hora:  01 febrero / 12:00 

Contacto: mromero​

Resumen: We follow the formation of galactic discs during wet major mergers, using high resolution N-body + SPH simulations. We witness the destruction of the discs of the protogalaxies and the inside-out formation of a new disc. The classical bulge to total baryonic mass ratio varies from one run to another, with a minimum of 0.05, i.e. is sufficiently small to represent spiral galaxies and our Milky Way. The resulting rotation curves are flat. In all our simulations we find that the disc has substructures, such as bars, lenses, spirals and rings, with realistic morphology, including ansae and boxy/peanut bulges. We will briefly discuss the dynamics of these substructures, as well as the formation of a thick disc component. Last but not least, we will discuss the adequacy of such a model to represent the Milky Way