Gaia is a European Space Agency (ESA) mission launched on 19 December 2013 and aimed at producing the most accurate 3D map of the Milky Way to date.

The DAM Professor Jordi Torra is the principal investigator of the Spanish contribution to the mission and DAM Gaia group is deeply involved since the very beginning (1998) in the design, management and data reduction of the mission as well as in some of the scientific topics where Gaia will be crucial. It was soon recognized that the most challenging aspect of Gaia is the data management and reduction process to yield the final Gaia catalogue.

The researchers of the DAM has been involved in the Gaia mission since the very early phases, helping to design the instrumentation. Now, are participating within the Gaia Data Processing & Analysis Consortium (DPAC). The group has important responsibilities in the Coordination Units CU2 (simulations), CU3 (core processing), DPCB (Data Processing Center of Barcelona), CU5 (photometry)
and leads the CU9 (Gaia Archive). The DAM leads an EU FP7-funded project named GENIUS to contribute to the development of the Gaia Archive, and participates in an EU FP7-funded initiative (GREAT-ITN) and a research network (GREAT-RNP)funded by the European Science Foundation, both aiming to form the next generation of experts in the scientific use of Gaia data. ACE-ICCUB has onerepresentative in the Gaia Scientific Team a nd one in the DPAC Executive Committee. They also have deputy managers in CU2 and in CU3.
The knowledge gained on data compression tools allows our group to register a patent for one of our SW/HW solutions. We have created a spin-off,DAPCOM, which is the first one participated by the UB and the UPC to commercialize these products.


Antiche Garzón Erika (Engineer)
Balaguer Núñez Maria Dolores (Postdoc)
Borrachero Sánchez Raul (Engineer)
Carrasco Martínez Josep Manel (Postdoc)
Castañeda Pons Javier (Engineer)
Clotet Altarriba Marcial (Engineer)
Fabricius Claus Vilhelm (IEEC Professor)
Figueras Siñol Francesca (UB Professor)
Garralda Torres Nora (Engineer)
González Vidal Juan José (Engineer)
Jaume Bestard Jaume (Grade Student)
Jordi Nebot Carme (UB Professor)
Julbe López Francesc (Engineer)
Luri Carrascoso F. Xavier (UB Professor)
Masana Fresno Eduard (Postdoc)
Molina Martínez Daniel (Engineer)
Portell i de Mora Jordi (Postdoc)
Reina Campos Marta (Grade Student)
Torra Roca Jordi (UB Professor)
Voss Holger (Postdoc)
Weiler Michael (Postdoc)