Cosmology and Large Scale Structure

One of the main interests at DAM is the study of the connection between cosmological observations and the physics behind the standard cosmological model.

This research effort aims at answering the big open questions of modern cosmology: what makes up the Universe? What is dark matter? What is darkenergy? What powered inflation? What lights up the Universe? In the Cosmology and Large Scale Structure group researchers follow both a theoretical and observational approach.

Theoretical investigations include the equation of state of dark energy, the physics of supernova explosions, the origin of the cosmic gamma-ray
background, modeling of the formation and evolution of galaxies and the distribution of gas in space, including statistical applications and data

The observations considered and analysed are gravitational lensing by galaxies, clusters of galaxies and large-scale structure, microlensing of stars or
quasars by any kind of compact object, the spatial distribution of galaxies and that of matter in intergalactic space as measured from absorption
signatures in spectra of background sources, the structure of dark matter halos studied through the dynamics of galaxies in clusters and supernovae and
hig-redshift supernovae and their host galaxies.

This group is involved in several cosmological projects of ground-based and space surveys, such as SDSS-III, EUCLID, DESI, CORE+, LSST and SCP.



Ariño Prats Andreu (PhD Student)
Canal Masgoret Ramon (UB Professor)
Gontcho A Gontcho Satya (PhD Student)
Juan Rovira Enric (PhD Student)
Manrique Oliva Alberto (UB Professor)
Mas Ribas Lluís (PhD Student)
Miralda Escudé Jordi (ICREA Professor)
Pérez Ràfols Ignasi (PhD Student)
Ravenni Andrea (Master Student)
Sala Mirabet Ferran (UB Professor)
Salvador Solé Eduard (UB Professor)