Field: Astronomía i Astrofísica

This research field comes from the old PhD Astronomy and Meteorology of the Faculty of Physics (PhD program regulated by RD 778/1998) which had Quality Award from the Ministry of Education and Science from the year 2004 -05 (MCD2004-00178).

The general objectives of this field are:

  • To offer a program to train graduates interested in a doctoral thesis conducted in the areas of astronomy and astrophysics at the heart of the existing research groups at the Department of Astronomy and Meteorology of the faculty
  • contribute to the training of professionals with competencies in advanced research that can respond to the needs in public and private schools in the fields of astronomical research, as well as the development of scientific projects conducted from space platforms.

Coordinator: Dr. Alberto Manrique, Departament d’Astronomia i Meteorologia,

Information about research activities in this field