High-Energy Astrophysics

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A general aim of DAM researchers working on this field is to achieve a better understanding of the high energy galactic sources, gathering data over a large wavelength range (from radio to TeV energies) as well as modeling emission processes in different scenarios (jets, shocks, interaction with the interstellar medium, etc.)

In particular, DAM researchers are interested in the study of microquasars, as objects which exhibit the characteristic accretion disc and perpendicular jets of relativistic matter of quasars, both thereby being governed by essentially the same physical processes, while being subject to a timescale which is much more amenable to observations. They are also interested in the study of gamma-ray binaries, which are able to accelerate particles up to TeV energies. Moreover, the DAM high energy astrophysicists are members of the MAGIC Collaboration since February 2006, and are now participating, together with experimental physicists and engineers of the DAM, in the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project, an initiative to build the next generation ground-based gamma-ray instrument.


  • Aliu Fusté Ester (Postdoc)
    Bosch Ramon Valentí (Ramon y Cajal)
    Galindo Fernández Daniel (PhD Student)
    Iwasawa Kazushi (ICREA Professor)
    Marcote Martin Benito (PhD Student)
    Moreno De la Cita Víctor (PhD Student)
    Paredes Poy Josep Maria (UB Professor)
    Paredes Fortuny Xavier (PhD Student)
    Ribó Gomis Marc (UB Professor)
    Zanin Roberta (Juan de la Cierva)