Space astronomy: kinematics and structure of the Galaxy

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Research in galactic astronomy at the DAM includes three main lines of research: galaxy modeling, the study of stellar constituents and stellar luminosity calibration. At present, this research is highly influenced by the preparation of the scientific exploitation of the Gaia mission, in which DAM researchers are deeply involved.

DAM’s contribution to galaxy modeling is directed towards a better understanding of the origin and evolution of the large structures in the galactic disk —bar, spirals and warp— and the archaeology of the Milky Way —missing satellites—, through an in depth investigation of the dynamics and chemistry of the system.

The study of the stellar constituents of the galactic disk and halo focuses on two aspects: where do the stars form and what are their astrophysical properties. DAM’s contribution is organized around two central goals: to provide new insights into the popular scenario that all stars have formed in clusters, i.e. to investigate cluster formation and evolution, and to capitalize on the opportunities that Gaia brings to the study of variable stars’ data. DAM is also involved in the Gaia-ESO Spectroscopic survey to acquire complementary data for Gaia stars.

The Gaia satellite will also have a dramatic impact on the definition of the cosmic distance scale, providing a direct measurement, via parallaxes, of the local primary distance indicators and, in turn, a direct re-calibration of the secondary distance indicators. This will significantly improve our estimate of the Hubble constant. At the same time Gaia will offer a unique opportunity to assess the systematics affecting the various indicators contributing to the cosmic distance scale as well as to establish new standard candles. DAM is working on stellar luminosity calibration in order to develop the necessary tools to achieve these goals.


Abedi Hoda (PhD Student)
Balaguer Núñez Maria Dolores (Postdoc)
Carrasco Martínez Josep Manel (Postdoc)
Casamiquela Floriach Laia (PhD Student)
Castañeda Pons Javier (Engineer)
Fabricius Claus Vilhelm (IEEC Professor)
Figueras Siñol Francesca (UB Professor)
Jordi Nebot Carme (UB Professor)
Luri Carrascoso F. Xavier (UB Professor)
Masana Fresno Eduard (Postdoc)
Miralda Escudé Jordi (ICREA Professor)
Mor Crespo Roger (PhD Student)
Palmer Max (PhD Student)
Ribas Rubio Salvador (Collaborator)
Roca Fàbrega Santi (Postdoc)
Romero Gómez Mercè (Postdoc)
Solanes Majua José M. (UB Professor)
Torra Roca Jordi (UB Professor)
Voss Holger (Postdoc)
Weiler Michael (Postdoc)