Interstellar medium: regions of star formation

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In the group of the Interstellar Medium of the UB, we are carrying out a detailed investigation of the first and last stages of stellar evolution by studying star-forming regions and evolved stars in our Galaxy.

We are intending to acquire a perspective as wide as possible by including observations from the optical to the radio domain, and integrating the results within complete and self-consistent theoretical models.

Our purpose is to face new challenges, among them:

  • to characterize the role of the magnetic field in the star-formation process, and in the launching and collimation of the astrophysical jets associated with young stellar objects and planetary nebulae
  • to investigate the early stages of the formation of massive stars, with especial attention to timing the chemical evolution of their environment
  • to characterize the gravitational collapse that drives the full process of star formation and to search for signatures of planet formation within the protoplanetary disks
  • to study the transition from hot molecular cores to bright HII regions; and
  • to study the processes that shape planetary nebulae.


Estalella Boadella Robert (UB Professor)
Juárez Rodríguez Carmen (PhD Student)
López Hermoso Rosario (UB Professor)
Padoan Paolo (ICREA Professor)
Torrelles Arnedo Txema (Visiting Scholar)
Yun Joao (Visiting Scholar)