Physics of the Sun-Earth relationship. Space Meteorology

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ACE-ICCUB’s lines of research in heliospheric physics mainly focuse on solar energetic particles (SEP) events triggered by solar activity and by interplanetary disturbances, i.e. energetic protons and near relativistic electrons.

Solar flares and coronal mass ejections, the main agents of SEP acceleration, together with proxies of solar activity, the solar wind plasma and the interplanetary magnetic field, are the background components of the SEP scenario.

Similarly, ACE-ICCUB researchers are working both on data analysis and the study of SEP events, both individual and multispacecraft events. They also model energetic particle events and give scientific support to the participation of technological groups of the UB in ESA’s Solar Orbiter project.


Àgueda Costafreda Neus (Postdoc)
Aran Sensat Àngels (Postdoc)
Pacheco Mateo Daniel (PhD Student)
Rodríguez Gasèn Rosa (Collaborator)
Sanahuja Parera Blai (UB Professor)