Welcome to DAM

The Department of Astronomy and Meteorology is devoted to research
and training new professionals and to disseminate and communicate
to society

  • Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

  • Meteorology and Geophysics

The DAM is integrated into the Faculty of Physics at the University of Barcelona whose members are devoted to research and teaching. The department also teaches 3rd cycle program aimed at training doctors in its fields of research.

Astronomy Resources

- Serviastro: DAM astronomical information service
- Catalan Dictionary of Astronomy
- Book: “Spherical astronomy and celestial mechanics”

Weather Resources

- Infomet: continuous weather information service
- EDRINA: web-gate in Natural Risks Education
- Weather News
- Catalan Meteorological Vocabulary
- Journal Tethys
- MAIR: Atmospheric Research and Modelling meso-and Microscale

Geophysical Resources

- ISEV: seismic data live from the DAM
- News