Women in Science: Celebrating the International Women's Day

Date/Time: 9/03/2017, 16:00:00

Place: Sala de Graus Eduard Fontserè 
Sonia Estradé (Lecturer, LENS-MIND-IN2UB), "Women in science: Data by the numbers and some perspectives"
Roberto Emparan (ICREA-ICCUB), "Raising Awareness"
The session is open to everyone.
Coffee and biscuits will be served at the end of the event.
On occasion of the International Women's Day, the ICCUB has organized a session consisting of two 30-minute talksrelated to gender issues/awareness and women in science, followed by a discussion session and informal gathering.
Helvi Witek (helviwitek@icc.ub.edu)
Christiana Pantelidou (cp109@ffn.ub.es)