"Investigadores en Física Nuclear", a new touring exhibition managed by the ICCUB-FQA

The ICCUB-FQA has begun managing the touring of the exhibition "Investigadores en Física Nuclear" prepared by the Commission for Equality of the Faculty of Physics. 

In order to diffuse this exhibition a website has been created, where one can find its panels, the touring information, and complementary material, as well as a brief summary in the form of a flyer.

This exhibition joins five astronomy exhibitions also managed by the ICCUB-FQA, which were created by the members of the old DAM, which have been touring since 2009 around the Catalonian educative and cultural centers.

Due to the success of this type of exhibition format as a science outreach tool, the ICCUB has considered producing new exhibitions about the various Research Lines of the Institute, and adapting these exhibitions for tours.









Thursday, 1 December, 2016