A new Astronomy Course offered by members of the Department

The next third trimester begins a new course in astronomy to the general public offered by members of the Department.

The course "Astronomia: els secrets de l’univers, organized by Josep M. Solanes and conducted by teachers of the department, aims to provide people interested in astronomy basic but strict information on the current vision of the Universe.

The course lasts 20 hours and prior knowledge is not required.(+ info)

This new course is added to the program "Astronomia i Meteorologia 2015-2016"  of the University of Experience, for people older than 55 years, offered by department members since 2014-2015 course.

The "Astronomia i Meteorologia 2015-2016" program is coordinated by Carme Jordi and lasts one academicm year, two hours a week. Its main objective is, firstly, presenting the Universe and observational techniques used to understand it, and the various elements that compose it. On the other hand, providing students a general  but rigorous Meteorological knowledge. The course is complemented by observations of the Sun, Moon and planets, and radiosonde station.





Wednesday, 27 January, 2016