Històric d'Activitats

ICCUB Seminar: "Imaging the Molecular Interstellar Medium of the Milky Way"

  • Speaker: Mark Heyer (University of Massachusetts, Amherst.)
  • Date - Time:    04.11.2013 , 12:00:00
  • Place:    Aula Eduard Fontserè (Facultat de Física)
  • Abstract:   

Star formation occurs within the cold, dense, molecular phase of the interstellar medium that is primarily configured into cloud structures. I will provide a broad overview of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) in the Milky Way...

ICCUB Colloquium: "Reading the record of ancient impact"

  • Speaker: Peter Goldreich (Caltech)  
  • Date/ time:  28.10.2013, 12:00:00 - , 00:00:00
  • Host Institution: ICCUB
  • Place: Aula Magna (Facultat de Física UB)
  • Abstract:

Debris from asteroids and comets continually bombards the Earth. Large impacts launch ejecta on trajectories that transport it thousands of kilometers from the impact site. These events are recorded in discrete layers of sub-millimeter size spherules in sea floor sediments. Larger, rarer, and interestingly shaped objects are found on land. I will describe the physical processes that occur in energetic impacts. Emphasis will be given to the mechanisms that determine the sizes and shapes of the ejecta and the cooling of the fireball. Analogies with structure formation in an expanding universe following a hot big bang will be exploited.

ICCUB Seminar: "Multifield Inflation: initial conditions and predictions"

  • Speaker: Layne Price (University of Auckland)
  • Date / time:    26.09.2013 , 12:00:00
  • Host Institution:    ICCUB
  • Place:    Facultat de Física (Seminari DAM)
  • Abstract:   

 While the Planck data is in excellent agreement with the predictions of single-field inflation, our incomplete knowledge of high-energy particle physics naturally leads us to consider the possibility of multiple scalar fields contributing to inflation.  In these scenarios the pre-inflationary dynamics can be chaotic, increasing the sensitivity of the onset of inflation to the initial data even in the homogeneous limit.  In this talk we will investigate the initial conditions problem for multifield inflation and examine how our ``a priori'' belief in the fields' background initial state affects the fraction of initial conditions that eventually inflate.  We will also discuss how one's choice of allowable initial conditions changes both the probability distribution for observables and the posterior probability for a model once confronted with data.

MAGIC Galactic meeting 2013

On 12 and 13 September 2013 a meeting of the Physics Working Group on Galactic sources of the MAGIC Collaboration took place at Facultat de Física of UB. A total of 20 researchers attended the meeting, which has been organized by members of the Departament d'Astronomia i Meteorologia of UB. Possible observational proposals with the MAGIC Cherenkov telescopes of sources of very high energy gamma rays were discussed in the meeting. Some of these proposals will be submitted for evaluation during October, to conduct observations during MAGIC Cycle 9, which starts in November 2013.

  • Web of the meeting:


  • Place: Barcelona, Facultat de Física de la Universitat de Barcelona
  • Date: 12-13 September 2013
  • Contact: Marc Ribó (mribo@am.ub.es

CTA NectarCAM F2F Meeting

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) consortium celebrates the regularly meeting of the Common Camera Components (CCC) work-package, since its creation in late 2012. The meeting deals with the main components of the camera: Slow control and Power, Mechanics and Cooling, High Voltage and pre-amplification, Signal processing, Interface board: HVPA-FEB, Camera/Array trigger, Readout and Data transfer, Integration and Test and Calibracition. About 35 participants will discuss about the proposed design and methodologies, and it will fix the common guidelines to share as much parts as posible the common sistems between the diferent kind of cameras. This is the second of a series of meetings of the NectarCAM-CCC work-package group, to be held every 6 months as face to face meetings, and monthly as phone-conferences.

Place: Barcelona, Facultat de Física de la Universitat de Barcelona

Date: 17-19 September 2013

Contact: Marc Ribó (mribo@am.ub.es)

ICCUB Seminar:"Shape of clusters of galaxies as a probe of screening mechanisms in modified gravity"

  • Speaker: Claudio Llinares (University of Oslo) 
  • Date / time:16.09.2013 , 12:00:00
  • Host Institution:ICCUB
  • Place:Seminari DAM (Facultat de Física)
  • Abstract:

Several extensions of General Relativity and high energy physics intend 
to explain the accelerated expansion of the universe by including scalar 
fields as extra degrees of freedom.   At present, there is a broad 
spectrum of theories that fulfill this requirement and at the same time 
have no effects at very small scales, which makes the able to pass solar 
system tests.  In order to know if these scalar fields indeed exist, we 
need to find predictions at intermediate scales in between those 
involved in the expansion of the universe and the solar system (i.e. 
galaxies and galaxy clusters scales).  I will summarize some of the 
properties of two particular families of scalar-tensor theories 
(symmetron and chameleon models) and I will show why observations of the shape of dark matter halos could help to disentangle between them.


CTA Calibration Meeting

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA, http://www.cta-observatory.org/) consortium celebrates the kick-off meeting of the Central Calibration Facilities (CCF) work-package, since its creation in May 2013. The meeting deals with the three topics of which the CCF is responsible: Calibration of the telescope cameras, Inter-telescope calibration and Atmospheric calibration. About 25 participants will report about the respective status of calibration designs and prototypes, and common guidelines and system requirements on precision and calibration updates will be agreed upon during the meeting. This is first of a series of meetings of the group, to be held every 6 months from now on.

Place: Barcelona, Facultat de Física de la Universitat de Barcelona

Date: 23-25 July 2013

Contact: Marc Ribó (mribo@am.ub.es