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20t March Eclipse Live Webcast



On the occasion of the eclipse that will occur next March 20 the Astronomy and Meteorology Department offers



  • live webcast from Barcelona: http://eclipsi2015.ub.edu/
  • an informative web page where you will find the characteristics of the eclipse and data for correct observation http://eclipsi2015.ub.edu/
  • an eclipse leaflet 
  • the opportunity to observe it with telescope from differents places of Barcelona. Some teams from this Department are going to do public observing with telescopes and to lend eclipse glasses:
    • in front of the door of the UB Historical Building (Pl. Universitat)
    • at Espai Ciència of the Saló de l'Ensenyament at Montjuic (entry with the ticket of the Saló de l'Ensenyament from 10 h)
    • at the terrace roof of the faculty (only faculty members)

Eclipse leaflet

Never look at the Sun directly!

See observation methods