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Rosetta grand finale on 30 September

Image:  ESA/ATG medialab

Artist's impression of Rosetta shortly before hitting Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on 30 September 2016.


Rosetta is set to complete its historic mission in a controlled descent to the surface of its comet on 30 September, with the end of mission confirmation predicted to be within 20 minutes of 11:20 GMT (13:20 CEST).

Details of how, when and where to follow the key moments online, starting with a review of the mission’s impressive haul of science highlights on 29 September, can be found here.



Wednesday, 28 September, 2016

Second THOR Workshop: "Exploring plasma energization in space turbulence"

The second THOR workshop will take place at the Faculty of Physics of the Universitat de Barcelona from September 27th to 29th, 2016.

The workshop is organized by the heliospheric physics and space weather group of the ICCUB in collaboration with IEEC. It is sponsored by the European Space Agency, the ICCUB and the Faculty of Physics.


E-mail: thor.workshop@gmail.com

Web: http://icc.ub.edu/congress/thor/


Signed the agreement to host the Northern CTA observatory at La Palma

Image:  IFAE, CTA Consortium

Artistic representation of four giant telescopes.

On September 19, the Consortium Network Cherenkov telescopes (CTA) has signed a framework agreement with the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) to install the Cherenkov observatory in the northern hemisphere in the Roque de los Muchachos on the island of La Palm.



Wednesday, 28 September, 2016


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