Seminari ICCUB: "Astrophysical probes of dark matter"

  • Conferenciant: Justin Read (Universitat de Surrey, UK) Premi MERAC per la Societat Europea d'Astronomia
  • Data / hora: Dijous 26 de febrer, 16:00
  • Lloc: Seminari DAM (V724, planta 7)
  • Resum:

This will be a general overview of what we can learn about dark matter from its gravitational influence. I'll touch upon many of the points made in my recent review, as well as showing some very new results on the mass distribution in dwarf galaxies and the presence/absence of a "dark disc" in the Milky Way.

I review current efforts to measure the mean density of dark matter near the Sun. This encodes valuable dynamical information about our Galaxy and is also of great importance for `direct detection' dark matter experiments. I discuss theoretical expectations in our current cosmology; the theory behind mass modelling of the Galaxy; and I show how combining local and global measures probes the shape of the Milky Way dark matter halo and the possible presence of a `dark disc'.

The review on 'Local Dark Matter Density'can be found here: 


Dimarts, 24 Febrer, 2015