Seminari DAM: "Giant Pulse Radio Emission From The Crab Pulsar"

Ponent: Natalia Lewandowska (Wuerzburg University)

Dia/Hora: dimarts 6 de maig a  les 14:00

Lloc: Seminari DAM

Resum:Over 40 years after the discovery of highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars known as pulsars, the detailed mechanism of their emission is still not understood. Follow up studies after the discovery of the first pulsar in 1967 led to detections of more pulsars including the Crab pulsar in 1968. While pulsars are known as rather stable emitters, the latter discovery induced the detection of a new kind of radio emission nowadays known as giant pulses. Giant radio pulses are regarded as a special form of pulsar radio emission. So far they have only been observed at certain phase ranges and appear to be non-periodical. Their intensities show a power-law distribution (in contrast to the Gaussian distribution of regular pulses) and their intensities can be more than a thousand times higher than the ones from regular pulses. Improving observational techniques and increasing computing power led to the discovery of further giant pulse emitting pulsars putting thepossible emission mechanisms into an even more obscure light. Within the framework of this talk a description of the extensively studied Crab pulsar giant pulses will be given with an overview of the carried out studies and possible emission scenarios.