Galaxy evolution: A new version of the Bensaçon Galaxy Model constrained with Tycho data.

The construction of a dynamical model of the Milky Way from the upcoming Gaia data will require a complex comparison between models and data in the space of the observables. To be ready for this challenge, in this PhD thesis, we have optimized the Besan¸con stellar population synthesis model. The new version of the model has been constructed and ingredients as critical as the IMF, the SFR, the binary fraction,the age-metallicity relation and the age-kinematic relation can now be fitted to the observed data. The optimization includes also the use of most updated evolutionary tracks and model atmospheres. Various scenarios for those parameters have been checked against the Tycho-2 data.


Czekaj, Maria Anna


Annie C. Robin. Francesca Figueras Siñol. F. Xavier Luri Carrascoso.

Fitxer Tesis: 


Dilluns, 22 Octubre, 2012


Sala de Graus Eduard Fontseré. Planta 1 Física


Jorge Torra Roca. Catedràtic d'Universitat. Departament d'Astronomia i Meteorologia. Universitat de Barcelona. (President). Reylé Céline. Astronomer. UTINAM, Université de France Compté, Bensançon. Observatoire de Besançon. (Secretària). Andreas Reiner Just. Apl. Professor. Zentrum fuer Astronomie. University of Heidelberg. (Vocal).