Seminari DAM: "The Twilight of the Scientific Age"

Ponent: Dr. Martín López-Corredoira (Investigador del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias)

Data / hora:     Dijous 24 d'abril, a les 14:00

Lloc:  Seminari del Departament d'Astronomia i Meteorologia (planta 7ª.)

Resum: This talk gives a challenging point of view about science and its history/philosophy/sociology. Science is in decline. After centuries of great achievements, the exhaustion of new forms and fatigue have reached our culture in all of its manifestations including the pure sciences. Our society is saturated with knowledge which does not offer people any sense in their lives. There is a loss of ideals in the search for great truths and a shift towards an anodyne specialized industry. A wide audience of educated people interested in these topics will most likely respond to the ideas expressed here, as things they have thought about or observed but have not dared to say out loud.