Lectura de tesi: High energy processes in young stellar objects and high mass X-ray binaries"

  • Autor/Doctorand: Pere Munar Adrover
  • Dia: Divendres, 28 de març de 2014
  • Hora: 11:30
  • Lloc: Sala de Graus Eduard Fontseré
  • Tribunal:​
    • President: Dr. Gustavo E. Romero
    • Secretari: Dr. Josep Martí Ribas
    • Vocal: Dr. Juan Cortina Blanco
    • Suplents: Dr. José María Torrelles Arnedo
      Dr. Lluís Font Guiteras
      Dr. Kazushi Iwasawa
  • Directors/Tutors: Dr. Josep Maria Paredes Poy
  • Resum: 

The focus of this thesis is centred in two different types of objects that can produce non-thermal emission: young stellar objects (YSOs) and high-mass X-ray binaries. Both types of objects are examples of the extreme conditions that can take place in galactic objects involving jets and shocks, and which can help us to understand the acceleration processes that will lead to the emission of very high-energy photons. We have explored the association of Fermi sources with YSOs, finding evidences supporting these sources as gamma-ray emitters. We also studied particular sources, such as Monoceros R2 and IRAS 16547-4247, by means of X-ray and gamma-ray observations, as well as by theoretical modelization of their emission. In the case of high-mass X-ray binaries we studied newly discovered sources, such as MWC 656 and HESS J0632+057, and also a well known source, the microquasar SS 433. We observed MWC 656 with XMM-Newton and we discovered its X-ray counterpart, being the first Be/black-hole X-ray binary ever detected. We confirmed HESS J0632+057 to be a gamma-ray binary by means of observations with the MAGIC Telescopes and extended its spectrum down to lower gamma-ray energies. Finally, we did not detect SS 433 with observations with the MAGIC Telescopes, but the upper limits we derived helped us to contrain important parameters of the mechanics of the system.​


Dilluns, 24 Març, 2014