Conferència DAM: "Age and metallicity gradients support hierarchical formation for M87"

Conferenciant: Dra.  MIREIA MONTES (Afiliacio: IAC).

Aula: N07P

Dia: Divendres 31 de gener  de 2014

Hora: 12:00

Contacte: mmonguio @ (Maria Monguió)

In order to probe the inside-out formation of the most massive galàxies in the Universe, we have explored the radial (0.1 < R < 8 kpc) variation of the spectral energy distribution (SED) of M87 from UV to IR. For this purpose, we have combined high resolution data in 16 different bands.

Our analysis indicate that the age of the stellar population of M87 remains almost unchanged with radius. However, the metallicity ([Z/H]) profile presents three different zones: the innermost kpc shows a plateau with supersolar metallicity, followed by a decline in metallicity down to 5 kpc and another plateau afterwards. The size of the inner plateau is similar to the expected size (Re) of an object with the predicted mass of M87 at z=2. The global [Z/H] gradient is -0.26 +- 0.10, similar to those found in other nearby massive ellipticals. 

The observed change in the stellar population of M87 is consistent with a rapid formation of the central part (R<5 kpc) of this galaxy followed by the accretion of the outer regions through the infall of more metal-poor material.