Seminari DAM: The interesting lives of radio-AGN: their environment and host galaxies

Conferenciant: Marios Karouzos (Center for the Exploration of the Origin of the Universe, Seoul National University Research Institute)

LLoc: Seminari planta 7, Departament d'Astronomia i Meteorologia, Facultat de Física.

Data: 30 de juliol a les 12h 

Contacte: Josep M. Paredes (



There are several lines of arguments that connect activity at the centers of galaxies with the evolution of these galaxies as a whole. The interplay between AGN and their host galaxies have been investigated both in terms of AGN triggering as well as star-formation feedback processes, the former as the main way for galactic nuclei to grow, whereas the latter providing a means to regulate the growth of the entire galaxy. In this talk I will address the role of a specific flavor of AGN, radio-AGN, in these processes. I will start by investigating the merger-induced AGN triggering scenario. I will approach this question by studying the close environment of different radio-AGN samples. In the second half of my talk I will investigate the link between radio-AGN and star-formation feedback processes. In short, I will show evidence supporting the idea of merger-induced AGN triggering, although possibly for only a subset of the radio-AGN population. I will also show that star-formation appears suppressed in the host galaxies of the most radio-loud AGN, although radio-jets appear to play a regulatory rather than outright quenching role.