Opening talk of the exhibition "Viatge cap a l'univers fosc"

By: R, Ferreira; R. Luna; H. Witek (ICCUB) 
Date/Time: Friday 20 Oct , 12:45
Place: Sala de graus antiga de física 
The new exhibition "Viatge cap a l'Univers Fosc" will be displayed at the Physics Faculty from 19 october to 6 november.
Three members of the ICCUB-FQA team that developed this work present the exhibition speaking about the dark universe.
Los secretos del cosmos (Ricardo Ferreira (ICCUB))
Black holes, the dark side of gravity, (Raimon Luna (ICCUB))
Gravitational waves: the universe’s symphony, (Helvi Witek (ICCUB))
The night sky is full of amazing images, which catch our eyes and blow our minds. However, there is much more out there: things that are waiting to be discovered.
The exhibition Unravelling the dark universe proposes a journey towards the fascinating frontiers of cosmology and gravity, ranging from dark matter and dark energy, to black holes and gravitational waves.