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Friday, 30 November 2007

Technical specifications for retrofitted BNC

Type Equatorial
RA and DEC

RA and DEC arbitrary drift rates via motors controlled by BearingEngineers AVS digital servo drives.

RA and DEC maximum speed

 RA and DEC minimum speed
 Arbitrarily slow

Baker-Nunn design with meniscus and

field flattener lenses

Aperture 0.5m
Focal ratio f/0.96
Scale 3.9 arcsec/pixel
Mirror diameter 0.78m
Field of view of CCD 4.4°x 4.4°
Spot size 20µm
Filters Schott GG475
Sensor Kodak KAF-16803
Dimensions 4Kx4K, 9µm, 36.8mmx36.8mm
QE 60% at 550nm
Camera FLI PL16803
Cooling Peltier (Delta T=65C) with dual air and liquid cooling
Primary support
Custom spider vanes with focuser and tip-tilt adjusters
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