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Thesis Defense : "Astrostatistics for Luminosity Calibration in the Gaia Era"

  • Author/PhD Student: Max Palmer
  • Date: 13 January 2015
  • Hour: 12:00
  • Place: Sala de Graus (Aulari) Facultat de Física
  • Tribunal:​
    • President: Dr. Jos de Bruijne
    • Secretary: Dr. Claus Fabricius
    • Vocal: Dr. Gisella Clementini
    • Substitutes: Dr. Anthony Brown; Dr. Jordi Torra Roca​
    • Directors: Dr. Francesc Xavier Luri Carrascoso; Dr. Frédéric Arenou; Dra. Francesca Figueras Siñol (Tutora)


Friday, 19 December, 2014

The spin-off DAPCOM-DATA Services enterns into the European Space Agency (ESA)

DAPCOM-DATA Services, spin-off created by the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC)has been one of the companies selected to become part of the programme Incubation of the European Space Agency (ESA) by the potential of the technology developed for space applications in other sectors.


Monday, 15 December, 2014

Thesis Defense: "Modelització de precipitacions intenses en zones d’orografia complexa: casos d’estudi al Pirineu Oriental"

  • Author/PhD Student: Laura Trapero Bagué
  • Date: 3 December 2014
  • Hour12:00
  • Place: Sala de Grados Eduard Fontseré
  • Tribunal:​
    • President: Dr. Ricardo García Herrera
    • Secretary: Dra. Samiro Khodayar
    • Vocal: Dr. Bernat Codina Sánchez
    • Substitutes: Dr. Josep Calbó Angrill, Dr. Didier Ricard, Dr. Angel Redaño Xipell
  • Directors: Dr. Jeronimo Lorente Castello, Dr. Joan Bech Rustullet, Dr. Jeronimo Lorente Castello (Tutor)


Friday, 21 November, 2014


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