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Thesis Defense: "Subsynoptic characterization of tropopause fold structures with global data analyses and mesoscale WRF simulations"

  • Author: Mireia Mateu Santaeularia
  • Directors/Tutors: Dr. Angel Redaño Xipell; Dr. Bernat Codina Sanchez; Dr. Angel Redaño Xipell (Tutor)
  • Place: Sala de graus "Aulario", Physics Faculty.
  • Date/Time: 5 February 2016/12:00

A new Astronomy Course offered by members of the Department

The next third trimester begins,  Astronomia: els secrets de l’univers, a new course in astronomy to the general public offered by members of the Department.

This new course is added to the program "Astronomia i Meteorologia 2015-2016"  of the University of Experience, for people older than 55 years, offered by department members since 2014-2015 course.


Wednesday, 27 January, 2016


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