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Job for two students

The Gaia group (Department of Astronomy and Meteorology at University of Barcelona, Institute of Cosmos Sciences, Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia) is looking for two students to join a multidisciplinary team of astronomers and engineers, to operate, test, monitorize and evaluate the efficiency of a software for massive processing of scientific data, for the ESA's Gaia space mission.

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Tuesday, 23 June, 2015

DAM Seminar: “Exploring the low-frequency universe. High resolution images of extragalactic jets with the international LOFAR”

Speaker: Dr. Francisco Moldón Vara (ASTRON, Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, Dwingeloo, The Netherlands)

Place: Meeting room of the Astronomy and Meteorology Department, 7th floor 

Date/Time: 08-07-2015 / 12:00 

Contact: jmparedesub.edu

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